Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ancient Giant Race Found Near Mastodon in Arizona

Human Nephilim Giants Remains Found Near Mastodon in Arizona

Archaeologists Excavate Bones of Mastodon, Relics
and Giant Human Nephilim

TUCSON, Ariz., Dec. 1.W—On the heels of the discovery of remains of what apparently was a race of enormous Nephilim men who once roamed the southwest, there came today another clue of ancient life, unearthed by University of Arizona archaeologists. Returning from a trip to an ancient

ruin of a pueblo near Duncan, Arizona.
    Dr. Bryan Cummlngs and his assistant said they had succeeded In moving another section of  recentl

discovered mastodon.  
J. E. Cokor, mining engineer from" Gayopa, Sonora, Mexico,      arrived here with information of the a finding of giant human skeletons In a cemetery on a ranch near there. Bit by bit the mastodon Is being unearthed and when the skeleton finally is pieced together, it is expected to stand at least 12 feet high. The pueblo is in the center of the group of prehistoric villages is about 35 miles west of here.The Nephilim skeletons described were discovered during the clearing of land, many of. them average eight feet In length and the heads are unusually large. The bodies had been buried on top of each other and beside them rested crude implements of stone.