Monday, December 17, 2012

Archaeology Finds: Cocaine and Tobacco Found In Egyptian Mummies

Recent Egyptian Archaeologists find that Egyptian Mummies had traces of both cocaine and tobacco in their remains.This could have come from only one place, the America's.  The Egyptians were trading with the Amorite Nephilim who had come to North America as early as 2,700 B.C. to mine the copper out of northern Lake Superior.
Only the American archaeologists could refute and dismiss such findings. This would disprove their Berengia Theory and the legitimacy of their "expert" status.

Giant skeletons, Bible Numerology in Ohio, Identical skull types in Ohio, England and the Biblical Levant 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cro Magnon - Neanderthal Hybrid

Cro Magnon - Neanderthal Hybrid
Soviet Union scientist discovered the remains of a young boy who had both modern Cro Magnon characteristics along with those of Neanderthal.  American archaeologists continued to deny that the Cro Magnon and Neanderthal ever mated; holding on to their outdated theory of "replacement" until DNA studies determined that there was a mixing of these two populations.

This skull from Oleny Island in Northern Russia has both "modern" and "archaic" characteristics.  Clearly, the brow ridge and the lack of any forehead is Neanderthal.  Also, it was found the Mental Foreman in the lower jaw was under M-1 molar in Neanderthal, whereas in modern skulls it is located forward, under the incisors.  (see arrow).
  These archaic" characteristics are most prominent in the many descriptions of the giant skeletons that have been found from the Biblical Levant to the British Isles and North America.

Nephilim Sun Temple Discovered In Dublin Ohio

Adena Henge or Solar Temple Complex Discovered In Dublin Ohio

The Holder-Wright Earthworks as classified by the Ohio Historical Society is located in Dublin, Ohio.  The henge site constructed by the Adena-Hopewell was used as a solar observatory. The northwestern henge was aligned to the solar equinox  The rectangular henge was aligned to the May 1 sunrise and the October 31 sunset and the southeastern henge was aligned to the summer solstice sunset and the winter solstice sunrise.

Another solar henge that was semi-rectangular is found at Mounds State Park in Anderson, Indiana that was also aligned to the May 1st sunrise.  May 1st was symbolic of the Earth Mother and "life" just as the solar opposite of October 31st was symbolic of "death."

Today, the most visible henge is the northwestern earthwork that is located in this yard on the outskirts of Dublin, Ohio.  The outer earthwork and interior ditch are still visible along with the gateway. The other works are now in a cultivated field and only visible as slight undulations in the earth.

A large burial mound was once located in the city of Dublin, but like so many of these antiquities was obliterated.  

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Giant Human Skeletons Found on California Channel Islands

Giant Human Skeletons Found on California's Channel Islands
   A little-known part of California's history is the giant race of humans that once inhabited the coastal regions.  

Oakland Tribune, June 10, 1912
Bones of Giant Found in South
Best Preserved Skeleton of Extinct Tribe Hauled from Channel
     San Francisco, June 10- Up to three hundred years ago, a giant race of Indians inhabited the coastal regions of California. Remains of these have been discovered in the islands of the Santa Barbara Channel. To William Altman, assistant curator of the Golden Gate Park Museum belongs the honor of discovering one of the tallest and best-preserved skeletons of this extinct tribe.Another find of giant skeletons was found on Catalina Island
       The giant skeleton found was ten feet from the surface, and around it were a large number of mortars and pestles, charm stones and obsidian arrowheads. One of the skeletons measured seven feet four inches.”

    Many of the large skeletal remains were found in the Channel Islands or near the coast.  This is evidence of migrations from the Maritime Archaic 7000 BC - 2000 A.D. who had an identical material culture and skulls types that are found the extent of the northern latitudes of the globe. Here is an example of one of the finds on Santa Rosa Island.
   These giant skeletal remains are not isolated to the Califronia coasts but can also be found in the Gulf of Mexico and the Altlantic seaboard.  Newspaper headlines describing large skeletons that were found in Amercia's coastal regions

Giants with Double Rows of Teeth Found on Santa Rosa Island, California

Giants with Double Rows of Teeth Found on Santa Rosa Island, California

Ancient race of giant's remains found on Santa Rosa Island off of the coast of California.  Giant skeletons were also found on Catalina Island off the coast of California

Bancroft’s Native Races, 1882,
    “Mr. Taylor heard from a resident of San Buenaventura that “ in recent stay on Santa Rosa Island, in 1861, he often met with entire skeletons of Indians in the caves. The signs of their rancherias were very frequent, and the remains of metates, mortars, earthen pots, and other utensils, and other utensils very common. Extensive caves were met with which seemed to serve as burial places of the Indians, as entire skeletons and numerous skulls were plentifully scattered about in their recesses.” Some very wonderful skulls are also reported as having been found on the islands, furnished with double teeth all the way round the jaw.”

Giant humans with a double row of teeth have also been found on America's East coast in the Indian burial mounds