Saturday, December 1, 2012

Giant Human Skeletons Found on California Channel Islands

Giant Human Skeletons Found on California's Channel Islands
   A little-known part of California's history is the giant race of humans that once inhabited the coastal regions.  

Oakland Tribune, June 10, 1912
Bones of Giant Found in South
Best Preserved Skeleton of Extinct Tribe Hauled from Channel
     San Francisco, June 10- Up to three hundred years ago, a giant race of Indians inhabited the coastal regions of California. Remains of these have been discovered in the islands of the Santa Barbara Channel. To William Altman, assistant curator of the Golden Gate Park Museum belongs the honor of discovering one of the tallest and best-preserved skeletons of this extinct tribe.Another find of giant skeletons was found on Catalina Island
       The giant skeleton found was ten feet from the surface, and around it were a large number of mortars and pestles, charm stones and obsidian arrowheads. One of the skeletons measured seven feet four inches.”

    Many of the large skeletal remains were found in the Channel Islands or near the coast.  This is evidence of migrations from the Maritime Archaic 7000 BC - 2000 A.D. who had an identical material culture and skulls types that are found the extent of the northern latitudes of the globe. Here is an example of one of the finds on Santa Rosa Island.
   These giant skeletal remains are not isolated to the Califronia coasts but can also be found in the Gulf of Mexico and the Altlantic seaboard.  Newspaper headlines describing large skeletons that were found in Amercia's coastal regions