Tuesday, May 7, 2013

12 Foot Human Nephilim Uncovered in Jeffersonville, Indiana

12 Foot Human Nephilim Uncovered in Jefferson, Indiana 

New York Times, May 22, 1871
    A letter from Kern County, California reports that in digging a grave on the old bank of the Kern River, not long since, there was found a human skeleton seven feet 5 inches in length.  The account says there was with it a package of eleven flint arrow-heads and spear heads and that the skull was much larger than the ordinary size of craniums moving around at the present day.  A full grown person placed his head inside the skull.  The Louisville Courier Journal, however, tells a bigger story thus, "Workmen in the new fire cistern, in Jeffersonville exhumed, twelve feet from the surface, a part of a skeleton of a giant at least twelve feet high.  The skull was badly broken by the workmen, but sufficient of the jaws and face bones were saved to show that it was the remains of an enormous sized human being. A shin bone was measured near three feet in length.

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