Friday, May 31, 2013

9 Foot Ancient Giant Human Unearthed in the Connersville, Indiana Cemetery

9 Foot Ancient Giant Human Unearthed in the Connerville, Indiana Cemetery

Sunday Vindicator
Sunday, September 12, 1897
Was This Man Whose Skeletons Was Found In Indiana
     Connersville, IND., Sept 11 - While Sexton Charles Rieman was digging a grave in the city cemetery, he came upon the skeleton of a monster of a man,  It had been buried in a sitting posture with the face to the east, and was about three feet below the surface.  The remains indicate that the being of which this was a veritable giant, probably nine feet in height.  The femur bone is about a yard long, and the massive under jaw is much larger than that of an ordinary man.  It is supposed that the bones are those of an Indian or Mound Builder