Wednesday, May 1, 2013

9 Foot Human Skeletons Discovered in St. Petersburg Florida


Journal Gazette, January 20, 1922
Must have Been Nine Feet Tall
St. Petersburg, Florida
     That the shell mounds at the end of the Seminole bridge closest to it. Petersburg if dug into would reveal skeletons of a tribe of men about which little is known is the opinion of Prof. J. H. Pratt of Southland Seminary, who yesterday visited the mounds and dug into a few.  Skull and bones taken from them several weeks ago by a part of the men were shown to Prof. Pratt and it is probable that at a later date a thorough excavation will be made in search of traces of a race of people yet little heard of.
    Yesterday on account of poor facilities for excavating, little digging was done, the trip being made primarily to allow the professor to establish for himself whether the means were worth going into.  He is confident that where the giant piles of shell on this side of the Bayou spanned the Seminole bridge was once once the site of an Indian village of any size.
    Some time ago when the shell was being taken from one of the mounds for road work, two complete skeletons were found beside a number of separate bones. One of there a leg bone was two feet and some inches in length.  Comparing this length with the length of the bone of the leg of a man six feet tall would establish the fact that the race of Indians who lived in these parts probably thousands of years ago were giants as a man would have to be over nine feet tall to have a leg bone two feet long.  This fact coupled with the extraordinary size of some of the skulls dug up brings about the assumption the race of abnormally large people inhabited the peninsula.
      Numerous shell mounds on the Pinellas peninsula have been opened and many treasures of the Indian days have been unearthed.  Around St. Petersburg there are a number of  such mounds, many of which have been opened a number of times.