Monday, May 6, 2013

Iroquois Chief Joseph Brant Claims White Men Built the Burial Mounds in Ohio

    Were the Ohio Valley Mounds Built By White Men? Iroquois Chief Joseph Brant says that the Indian legends of the tribes from the St. Lawrence to the Mississippi shared a common history that the mound builders were white men.

Life of Joseph Brant -Thayendanega
Includes the Wars of the American Revolution by William L. Stone 1838
Among other things relating to the western country" says Mr. Woodruff, " I was curious to learn in the course of my conversation with Captain Brant, what information he could give respecting the tumuliwhich are found on and near the margin of the rivers and lakes, from the St. Lawrence to the Mississippi. He stated, in reply, that the subject had long been agitated, but yet remained in some obscurity. "A tradition, he said prevailed among the different nations ofIndians throughout that whole extensive range of country, and had been handed down through time immemorial, that in an age long gone by, there came white men from a foreign country, and by consent of the Indians established trading houses and settlements where these tumuli are found".