Thursday, July 11, 2013

9 Foot, Giant Human Skeletons Discovered on Santa Monica Beach, California

9 Feet Tall, Ancient Giant Humans Remains Discovered on Santa Monica Bach, California

Washington Times, July 13th 1908
Giant Skeletons Found on Coast
Los Angeles California, July 13. - William Derbyshire and Jack Stonebeberger, of Chicago, and Robert Derbyshire of Santa Monica, contractors, have unearthed the skeleton of a gigantic prehistoric man at Sants Monica beach. The skeleton was over nine feet in height. Hard work uncovered thirteen similar skeletons.
Three perfect specimens were brought to Santa Monica for exhibition and scientists who have examined thesay they are undoubtedly are hundreds of years old.

The skulls have the formation of an Indiana head with high cheekbones and other pronounced characteristics. In every case the teeth are practically intact.