Thursday, August 1, 2013

8 Foot Ancient Mummys Discovered in an Alaska Cave

Washington Post, July 20, 1946
Alaskan Mummies
Guarded by Indians
Tacoma, July 20, TACOMA  On an island in Prince William sound, Alaska, is a wonderful cave, contain the remains of a prehistoric race of Alaska Indians.  The cave is guarded by an Indian tribe which inhabits the island. And as far as is known, but two or three parties of white men have never entered it.

Bodies inside are mummified after the manner practiced by the ancient Egyptians.  These bodies were wrapped in cloths and dried grass preserving them completely.
    Two years ago a party of prospectors entered the cave a discovered a number of bodies placed in niches in the rock.  The party came out intending to explore further on another day but were notified by the Indians that they could not enter.  The prospectors declared that the mummified Indians were much larger than any living race of men, being seven and eight feet in stature.