Friday, August 23, 2013

Giant Skeletons Unearthed at Antietam, Maryland

Ancient Giant Human Skeleton Uncovered in Maryland

The Salt Lake Herald., November 14, 1897
7 Feet Tall Skeleton, in Maryland 
      There has just been received at the Maryland Academy of Sciences the skeleton of an Indian seven feet tall It was discovered near Antietam ten days ago There are now skeletons of three powerful Indians at the academy who at one time roamed over the state of Maryland armed wirh such Instruments as nature gave them or that their limited skill taught them to make. Two of these skeletons belonged to individuals evidently of gigantic size. The bones of the legs are nearly as thick as those of a horse and the length the bones exceptional. The skulls are of fine proportions, with walls of moderate thlckness but of great strength and situated behind by a powerful occipital ridge,   The curves of the forehead are moderate and not retreating, suggesting intelligence and connected with jaws of moderate development.