Thursday, August 1, 2013

Native Americans Supress Photo of a Giant Human Skeleton Removed from a West Virginia Burial Mound

Native Americans Supress Photos of a Giant Human Skeleton Removed from a West Virginia Burial Mound

A large skeleton over 7 feet in height was removed from the Cresap mound, but new laws against displaying "Native American" remains, helps American Indians and academia to restrict the true origins of the Adena from being proven.
Current laws would warrant that even if you have a photo of a giant human skeleton, it is illegal to publish it! 

Mounds For the Dead, Dragoo, 1963
 Description of a large skeleton at the Cresap Mound
    " Measurements taken of the skeleton while still i the grave indicated an individual approximately 7.2 inches tall....In all respects the Cresap Mound skeletal material conforms to the physical type of the Kentucky and Ohio Adena....

The Adena People, by Webb and Snow 1974

It was a 19-foot high conical mound with a 70-foot diameter. The remainder of this unusual skeleton was completely preserved and lying on its back with its legs bowed as if it was riding a horse. This particular skeleton, labeled B.54 in Pit F.28 in the above drawing made by Dragoo, was large. Dragoo reported, “This individual was of large proportions. When measured in the tomb his length was approximately 7.04 feet. All of the long bones were heavy and possessed marked eminences for the attachment of muscles.” Dragoo published a photo of the actual skeleton, however, i it is  now illegal to republish photos of skeletons known to have links to Native Americans, even though no links to the Adena and any known Indian population has been proven. 

Excerpt from Webb and Snow Adena describing the large skeletons found in the Oho Valley.