Sunday, September 29, 2013

Giant Human Skull Discovered in Georgia Burial Mound

New York Times  Febuary, 21 1893
Georgia's Big Mound
A Jawbone That Proves There Were Giants in Those Days
Fort Gaines, Ga., Feb. 20 - About twelve miles below Fort Gaines, on what is commonly known as the Mercier Place, is a mound which is said to be the largest known in the United States, and undoubtedly the work of the mound builders of former generations.  Whether its the largest or not, it is a very large one, and deserves the distinction of being the boss one of Georgia.
  Its base cover more than two acres, and running up at an angle of about 45 degrees, it stands about 100 feet high.  Large oak trees several feet in diameter cover the sides and stand as witness to the great age of the mound.  Many years ago a gentleman had a small sized well dug from the top down into the heart of the mound, and among other things found the jawbone of a man that would easily slip over the head of an ordinary man of this generation.  His explorations were very meager, and since then nothing like and systematic search has ever been made.
   Leading off from the mound in the direction of the creek are ditches, at the present time several feet deep. They were evidently used by the mound builders as secret ways of egress in case of attack. The pace is worthy of close and careful observation.