Wednesday, January 15, 2014

8 Foot Ghostly Apparition Witnessed at a Pennsylvania Burial Mound

Ghostly Apparitions Described at a Burial Mound That Contained an 8 Foot Human Skeletons

An 8 foot apparition was witnessed at this burial mound in Pennsylvania where an 8-foot skeleton had been discovered years before.

Meridean Daily Journal, December 2, 1920 
     Greensburg, Pa. Dec. 3. The famous mound builder mound in the South Huntington township has suddenly taken on life and the eight hundred year old, according to the best informed scientists, lay down to their eternal sleep, have just as suddenly started stalking out at nights, disturbing the tranquility of the country neighborhood. So strong has become the belief that all is not well within the famous mound, which is 300 feet long and 12 feet high, that Dave Kelly, the high constable and custodian of the peace in an about Gratztown, a mile from the mound, has been asked to investigate.
      First news of the stalking of the ghosts of the ancient mound builders-for that is what the night prowlers are believed to become on Halloween night. Because of the night little attention was paid to the frightened traveler who rushed breathlessly into Gratztown with his announcement. But when on armistice night Cy Brown and Sue Smith happened to be passing there and saw the same eight-foot apparition, but with a slightly smaller specimen alongside, "Cy" simply stepped on the gas, for he owns an auto and made haste for the Armistice Hall. "Cy" admits he wasn't scared but those who saw him start home with Sue that night claim he took a five mile detour to get home. The appearance of the ghosts has caused some excitement, especially among the younger people. Some time ago Dr. W. J. Holland and his assistant from the Carnegie Museum of Pittsburg, invaded the quietness of the mound builders tomb and removed from it one of the eight foot specimens. Whether this has angered the ancient denizens of the mound is a question the populace hereabouts is unable to determine so far.