Monday, January 13, 2014

Giant Skeleton Discovered in a Cave at Shohola's Glen, New York

Giant Skeleton Discovered in a Cave at Shohola, New York

Thibodaux Sentinel, December 21, 1901

      Hunters from Susquehanna, Pa.,  while excavating for a hunt near Shohola's Glen, New 

York., discovered a cave in which they found the skeleton of a man of gigantic size. It was 

swathed in rawhide trappings that kept it in a sitting postureNear the skeleton were 

several bowls of reddish clay but almost as hard as flint. A rude stone tablet was found near 

the skeleton side covered with rude pictures of birds and beasts, among them one of a 

monster half beast, half reptile. A number of implements were also found in the cave, 

among them a huge ax made of stone and stone spearheads of unusual size.