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A Gigantic Nephilim Male Buried with Wife and Child is Unearthed in A Clark County, Ohio Burial Mound

A Gigantic Human Skeleton is Unearthed in A Clark County, Ohio Burial Mound

Location of burial mounds and earthen enclosures in Clark County, Ohio.  The giant human skeletons was unearthed in the burial mound in Harmony Township.

20th Century History of Springfield and Clark CountyOhio by Hon. William A. Rockel Chicago: Biographical Publishing Co., 1908

Mr. Altick and Mr. Cusick began excavations at the summit of the mound, where a perpendicular shaft was sunk eight feet square, and one foot from the surface in the black leaf mold they found a complete skeleton lying face downward, in horizontal position ; however, the bones crumbled when they were lifted from the earth. They excavated another six inches, carefully removing the sand and gravel in order not to injure any deposit they might find ; the material removed was screened so that small objects would not escape their notice, and here they came across another skeleton lying face upward, with only six inches separating them. It lay in a sandy mixture, and was in a better state of preservation than the first skeleton, and while due precaution was taken in removing it, the bones crumbled as they handled them. The shaft was then sunk eighteen inches deeper when three more skeletons were unearthed; they were in excellent condition, the bones being firm and hard, due to the greater depth at which they found them. One was the skeleton of a female, one was a child and the other was a male of gigantic stature. As a matter of comparison, Altick held up the femur of the male skeleton by Cusick's leg, and it extended eight inches below his knee; he is six feet in height. The ribs of this skeleton had petrified to a grayish slate color, but none would withstand the contact with the air. When the shaft on this mound was three feet deep, the two amateur antiquarians enlarged it by sending out a lateral to the north, and they found a skull through which an elm root had penetrated ; it was an inch in diameter, and its fine roots were matted and twisted within this bony enclosure.

 Gigantic human skeletons with a low receding forehead found within a burial mound in Clark County, Ohio.  These "primitive" skull traits are common in the giant skeletons found in Ohio.

   The high cheekbones and low receding forehead were very pronounced; the skeleton was in standing posture, while the others were all in horizontal positions. In all the skeletons exhumed, the most perfectly preserved portions where the teeth; it was a peculiarity of the aborigines that their teeth were worn almost to the maxillary bones, and yet the remarkable thing about them was their excellent condition. No cavities were found, and yet they were the teeth of older persons as indicated by their worn condition. Other skeletons found in this lateral were those of little children, as indicated by the size of the bones and the thickness of the skulls ; some of the bones were from persons of larger stature; at this point the interment ranged in depth from one foot and a quarter to four feet. 

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Glen Beck Exposes Smithsonian Institutes Ancient American Coverup

Glen Beck Exposes Smithsonian Institutes Ancient American Coverup 

Glen Beck analyzes identical mathematics, sacred geometry and writings between the ancient Middle East and the Ohio mound builders. Confirms the Amorite migration theories proposed in "The Nephilim Chronicles: Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley."

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Ancient French Nephilim Exhumed From Stone Tomb

The Evening Tribune, Aug. 16, 1935.

Ancient French Giants Exhumed
   Gap, France - (AP) - Road menders near here uncovered the cemetery of some ancient tribe of giants.  The skeleton, one of which measured 8 feet 7 inches, lay in a sarcophagus of flat stones.

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Buffalo bones are found within a burial mound in Granville, Ohio

The Ohio Valley Mound Builders and the Buffalo

The famous Alligator mound is also located in Granville, Ohio. This effigy along with the buffalo bones found in a burial mound nearby shed evidence on the importance of the animal spirits within the mound builders religion.

     There is proof, however, that the buffalo was known to builders of mounds from Dakota, as cited above, to the Blue Ridge. From a mound in the river bottom-land near Corning in the northwest corner of Missouri, at a depth of five or six feet, I dug some teeth which were pronounced to be those of a buffalo by anatomists at the Cincinnati Society of Natural History. "In a very large mound, square in shape, three hundred feet on each side and thirty feet high [opposite St. Louis], there were found, in contact with a number of copper implements and ornaments, a number of the teeth of the buffalo. * * * They had most probably been worn as ornaments." — McAdams, 35. Putnam found a "pendant made of buffalo horn" on an altar at the Turner mounds (see page 386). "The entire skeleton of a bison was found by Professor Appey in a large tumulus [near Granville, Ohio,] associated with human remains." — Moorehead, 19.

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Nephilim Giant Woman's Photo Shoot

Nephilim Giant Woman's Photo Shoot
   This disproves the notion that the Nephilim were monsters.  Josephus wrote in the 3rd century of the famous Biblical Og of his beauty.

9 Foot Giant Nephilim Skeleton Unearthed in Lincoln County, West Virginia

9 Foot Giant Nephilim Skeleton Unearthed in Lincoln County, West Virginia

Arizona Republican, February 27, 1892
     There were Giants in Those Days. Wheeling, W. Va.,-While digging a grave on Trace Fork, Lincoln county, a few days ago, the bones of a human being of gigantic stature and proportions were exhumed. The skeleton is in a good state of preservation and the outlines of the frame sufficiently defined to determine that the stature of the person must have been nine or ten feet. The skull and other bones also indicate prodigious size. No one now living has any knowledge of the grave or its occupant, and all indications point to its belonging to some prehistoric race of giants contemporary with Mastodons, fossil remains of which have been found in many parts of the country.

A Tour of the Nephilim Giant's Tombs in the Ohio Valley.

A Tour of the Nephilim Giant's Tombs in the Ohio Valley.
   Hundreds of giant human skeletons were unearthed in the burial mounds in the Ohio Valley.  Take a visual tour of a few of the extant burial mound and earthwork sites that  once held the remains of the Nephilim giants.

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Numerology and Solar Alignments of the Mounds, Near Newark, Ohio

Newark Lizard Mound, Earth Mother and the Mound Builder's Numerology

What has been called the "Alligator mound"  "Lizard Mound" and even the "Opossum mound." purpose is revealed in both the length of the effigy earthwork and it's alignment." The length of the work was 215 feet.

This is the "reptile" mound looking to the southwest.  In the distance the Jacksontown Mound, the Great Stone Mound, the Yost Works, Tippit Mound, would have been visible.  The mound was constructed on an axis of 66 degrees to  the May 1st sunrise and sunset. May 1st is the Solar event where the Earth Mother is venerated.  It would have been  the time when the salamanders in this area would have emerged and a sign of the"life" that is synonymous with spring.
Picture from "The Nephilim Chronicles: A Travel Guide to the Ancient Ruins in the Ohio Valley."

The large henge at the Newark works was also aligned to the Mays 1st sunrise.  The Octagon was aligned to the 18 year cycle of the Moon. With the Lunar and Earth Mother deities being synonymous it is evident the the Newark Works as a whole were constructed to venerate the Lunar and Earth Mother.

In the center of the large henge is this bird effigy that is also aligned to the May 1st sunrise.  The Bird if symbolic of "transition." In  this case the transition from the "death" of winter to the "life" of spring."

This photo is of the bird effigy within the Newark Henge looking towards the gateway and the May 1st sunrise.

A few miles to the south of Newark, Ohio is another bird effigy. at the Yost works Is the gateway also aligned to the May 1st sunrise?

There is further evidence that the bird effigies and the length of 215 was used to be symbolic of the Earth Mother.

This symbol is the ancient symbol for the vesica pisca seen in the middle portion.  It may also be recognized with the "Jesus Fish."  It was also used by early Christians and Pagans to be symbolic of the vulva and a symbol of "Life" or "Regeneration." 

Mary the Madonna being portrayed within the Vesica.  In some depictions she is holding the Christ child.

This vesica shape also occurs and Mounds State Park in Anderson, Indiana.  The length of the vesica is 215 feet.  In this case the vesica is aligned to the mound in the center of the henge (660 feet in circumference, symbolic of the Babylonian Amorite Gematria number for the male Sun) is aligned to the winter solstice sunrise.  It is on the sunrise of  the winter solstice sunrise on December 21 that the Sun god is born.

The Vesica shape is also found at the New Castle Indiana henge complex. In this place it is aligned to the Equinox sunrise and sunset.

Lower diagram shows the length of the vesica henge at 215 feet.  It is also worth note that the henge at 250 feet is one 5th the size of the Newark Henge that measures 1250 feet in diameter.

The large mound at Marietta Ohio has a diameter of 215 feet.  In this complex the mound is attached to a work that is 1080 feet per side. 1080 is the Amorite Babylonian Gematria number for the Earth and Lunar Mother, coincidence? For photos and Histories of 100s of burial mound sites, GO HERE

Symbolism, alignments,and lengths are all clues to the meaning and purposes of the mounds and earthworks in Ohio Along with the giant skeletons is the numerology codex called Gematria that had its origins with the Amorites when they captured Babylon.