Friday, March 14, 2014

Ancient Stone Circle Located in Wyoming County, West Virginia

Ancient Stone Circle Located in Wyoming County, West Virginia

The impression of the stone circle can be seen directly below "Fort Branch" on the map.

History of Wyoming County, West Virginia 1965

Apparently, the original structure was built of loose field stones carried from the immediately surrounding vicinity and put together without mortar.  The original foundation was yet in evidence, being a mound packed with earth, which was, undoubtedly carried from the spot some 200 feet distance, leaving a sizeable depression in the ground.  both the shape of foundation and position of the fallen stones indicate the structure was circular in shape.  Clay from the foundation mound, compared with that of the depression, was found to be the same type.  A study of the fallen stones revealed that while the greater number are, without a doubt, native to the immediate area there were some which may have been brought from quite a long distance along an ancient trail.
   Limited excavation to a depth of six or seven feet at the center of the original foundation disclosed bones identified as a human rib and arm bone.  Perhaps the same tribes who built the mysterious stone walls in Fayette County also raised the circular stone structure in Wyoming.
   In 1959 the garden clubs of Pineville, Mullens and Welch brought to public notice that the ruins of the Indian fort should be restored as a historic attraction for tourists.  Through their efforts, restoration of the ruins was undertaken by the Roadside Park Division of the State Road Commission of West Virginia.  The restoration was completed and opened to the public within a year or two. It is off the main road a mile or two up Fort Branch, easily accessible by car.  Turn off at Fort Branch schoolhouse and keep going until you find it.  You can't miss it.

From Pineville

Head southeast on River Dr. Ave toward Pine Ave
Turn rt on WV -16 S. Pinnacle Ave
Turn left on Fort Branch Rd