Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nephilim Sun Temple (Henge) in Cambridge City, Wayne County, Indiana

Nephilim Sun Temple (Henge) in  Cambridge City, Wayne County, Indiana

Map of the two Nephilim Sun Temple (Henges) located north of Cambridge City, Indiana in Wayne County.  The northern Henge's gateway is aligned to the summer solstice sunrise; like Stonehenge.  The southern work is aligned to the equinox sunrise.

A map done by the Indiana Geological Survey shows the two largest henges along with 5 other affitional earthen circles, north of Cambridge City, in Wayne County,Iindiana. What was puzzling was the fact that these henge sites usually contained 8 earthworks.

The 8th earthwork was discovered in this 1993 aerial photo and printed in "The Nephilim Chronicles: A Travel guide to the Ancient ruins in the Ohio Valley."  The dots in the center of the circles show that burial mounds with cremations once existed.

Nephilim Sun Temple (Henge) in the British Isles.  A "Henge" is defined as a circular earthwork with an interior ditch and outer wall with one gateway, usually aligned to a solar event.

A recent map from Google Earth shows that the henges are still visible in the field, despite being plowed for over 100 years.