Thursday, June 26, 2014

Chillicothe, Ohio's Ancient Nephilim Queens Burial Mound

Chillicothe, Ohio's Ancient Nephilim Queen's Burial Mound

Prehistoric America, 1911
Under a mound at Chillicothe, the skeleton was discovered of a very tall woman who died young; her teeth were all intact, and at her feet lay the bones of a child. Beneath these human remains was greasy black earth, in which the microscope has revealed remains of animal matter and heaps of cinders. Further excavations brought to light a great many other bones. It is uncertain whether they were those of unfortunates offered up in sanguinary rites, or merely of those whose remains had been subjected to cremation as a mark of respect. All the bodies lay on the left side, and by each one was placed a vessel full of food, which would hardly have been provided for victims. These are very characteristic funeral rites.