Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Biblical Gematria Numerology Discovered in Indiana's Ancient Earthworks

   The two core numbers of the Gematria numerical codex are 666 and 660 for the Sun and 1080 for the Earth Mother.  These two numbers are evident at the Winchester, Indiana earthwork along with another earthwork a few miles away that was constructed to be numerically harmonic.

The east-west walls of the Winchester, Indiana earthwork was 1320 feet or 660 X 2. The western gateway was aligned to the Summer Solstice sunset with the eastern gateway aligned to the Winter Solstice sunrise.

A few miles away from Winchester is the Fountain City earthwork that was 780 feet per side. The unique length of this work was a mystery until compared to the length of the east - west walls of the Winchester earthwork.  1320 - 780 = 540.  540 X 2 = 1080.