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8 Foot Human's Remains Uncovered in West Virginia

8 Foot Human's Remains Uncovered in West Virginia

Numerous over hanging rocks, like this, can be found in southern Ohio and West Virginia that seem to have been an alternative to mound burials.

Now and Long Ago, History of Marion County, West Virginia, 1969
     Near Smithtown, on lands of John C. Malone, is an Indian burying place, located under an overhanging rock, close to White Day Creek.  A  number of bones and skeletons have been taken  from this ancient cemetery, by Dr. Kramer and others.

    In September, 1882, a large skeleton was unearthed in the district by F.M. Fetty and wife.  It was in a sitting position, in a rock grave, walled up with loose stones.  In the summer of 1883, James Faulkner and others found an unusually large skeleton in the district.  It is said to be that of a man whose stature was not less than seven feet, and who evidently belonged to prehistoric times. (Dr. Kramer measured the skeleton and found it to be seven-feet-four inches long, and supposed its owner, when living, must have been almost eight feet tall.

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Goliath's Giant Skull Discovered Near Jerusalem

Goliath's Giant Skull Discovered Near Jerusalem

    According to the World Weekly News the skull of Goliath was found west of Jerusalem. The skull was found by Dr. Richard Martin in the foothills of the Judaean Mountains last spring,

  The skull was found by Dr. Martin during a routing archaeological survey of Elah, where David was reported to have slain Goliath.  Martin believed from the size of the head that it belonged to a person over 10 feet tall.

   It is more likely that this skull represents one of the accounted giants from the tribes mentioned in the Bible.  Jerusalem was once occupied by the Amorites.  The name Jersalem still bearing the Amorote name for a Ugaritic god.  Ur is the Sumrian name for the "Sun." Ur u Salem.  "The Sun God."

The skull has many physical qualities to that of the giant skeleton found at Lovelock cave in Nevada that was reported to be from a tribe of red haired giants.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Ohio Giant Nephilim Skull is Uncovered in Jerusalem, Israel at the Gates of Damascus

Ohio Giant Nephilim Skull is Uncovered in Jerusalem at the Gates of Damascus

Dinaric skulls from Europe on the left and Ohio on the right.  This is the type of "deformed" skull that is described in the article below.  The skulls are typical of Upper Paleolithic Cro Magnon with a protruding brow and facial prognathism. This same type of skull has been found in the conical mounds in England.

One of these Dinaric skulls were discovered by Prof. Retzius, who described it  in , "The Proceeding of the Royal Academy of Science, 1902 "

   "One of these deformed skulls was discovered in 1856 by J. Hudson Barclay, in a large cavern near the Damascus Gateat Jerusalem. The skull was of unusually large size and decayed, but the skull, which was pretty well preserved, was brought to this country and is preserved in the collection of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Pennsylvania.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Giant and Dwarf Skeleton Buried Together in a West Virginia Burial Mound

Giant and Dwarf Skeleton Buried Together in a West Virginia Burial Mound

History of Fayette  County, West Virginia 1926
    Within the village of Brownstown, ten miles above Charleston and just below the mouth of Lens creek, is another such burying ground.  Some time ago two skeletons were found together here, one of a huge framed about seven feet in length and the other that of a deformed dwarf about four feet in length.

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The Book of Enoch says the Evil Nephilim Spirits Will Dwell on Earth (Ohio Valley.)

The Book of Enoch says the Evil Nephilim Spirits Will Dwell on Earth (Ohio Valley.)

The spirits of those giants buried in the mounds of the Ohio Valley are earth bound and can be sensed at the burial mound sites.

The Book of Enoch says: “Giants begotten by the flesh and spirits will be called evil spirits on earth, and the earth will be their dwelling place.” This is a spiritual elaboration of Genesis 6 : 4 “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Nephilim Giant's Babylonian Gematria Numerology and the Ohio Earthworks: Origins of 666

Nephilim Giant's Babylonian Gematria Numerology and the Ohio Earthworks: Origins of 666 

The Biblical Nephilim were known as the Amorites controlled Babylon from 2000 B.C. to 1600 B.C. They developed a numerology codex called Gematria with the core numbers of 666 to represent the Sun and 1080 to represent the Lunar or Earth Mother. By 1600 B.C. the Amorites were being pushed out of the Levant by the Hittities while the Celts were invading their colonies in England. The survivors flee to their western outpost in North America where they were mining copper. They constructed henges or Sun Temples in the Ohio Valley utilizing Gematria numbers of 666 and 1080. This giving credence to the Biblical quote in Genesis 11:1 'Now the whole world had one language."

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Smithsonian Scientist Remove Large Human Skeleton from the Etowah, Georgia Mounds

Smithsonian Scientist Remove Large Human Skeleton from the Etowah, Georgia Mounds

A Standard History of Georgian and Georgians, Volume I, 1917
     Several years ago an Indian mound was opened near Cartersville, Ga., by a committee of scientists from Smithsonian. After removing the dirt for some distance a layer of large flag-stones was found, which had evidently been dressed by hand, showing that the men who quarried the rock understood the business. These stones were removed, and in a vault beneath them was found the skeleton of a giant, measuring seven feet and two inches. His hair was coarse and jet black, and hung to the waist, the brow being ornamented with a copper crown. The skeleton was remarkably well preserved and was taken from the vault intact. Nearby were found the bodies of several children of various sizes.  On the stones which covered the vault were carved inscriptions, and if deciphered will probably lift the veil which has enshrouded the history of the race of giants which undoubtedly at one time inhabited the continent.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Nephilim Skulls Discovered in England and Ohio

Nephilim Giant's Skulls Discovered in England and Ohio 

Three distinct gigantic skull types have been found within the burial mounds in England and the Ohio Valley. The burial mounds in England and Ohio were unique with their conical shape and earthwork or ditch that surrounded them. The skull types were the Dinaric, Corded People and Borreby Cro Magnon. They belonged to  the Beaker People who constructed Stonehenge. Sun Temples with an outer wall and interior ditch (Henges) are found in great numbers in both England and the Ohio Valley.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Indiana's Lost Nephilim Sun Temples

Indiana's Lost Nephilim Sun Temples

    Sun Temples (Henges) identical to those found across England were constructed in central Indiana. One of these, despite years of being plowed in still visible in Wayne County, Indiana, north of Cambridge City.  Giant human skeletons were uncovered near the temples; providing the evidence that they were constructed by the Nephilim. Discover America's Lost History.

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The Curse of Yellow Hair on the Shawnee. Yellow Hair's Ghost Witnessed.

The Curse of Yellow Hair on the Shawnee.  Yellow Hairs Ghost Witnessed.

Yellow Hairs ghost has been witnessed along the Ohio River where he and his people were slaughtered at present day Louisville, Kentucky.

   “There is one other little bit of information I can give you on the subject, but I do not know how I learned it. On the island in the falls is a small cave, which was once known as ‘Yellow Hair’s Bath,’ but which is now always referred to as the Crystal Bath,’ It is said Yellow Hair bathed in this every day after he prayed to the sun. The cave is of solid stone and a small stream of water trickles through the top, making a natural, shower bath, where the fisherman to this day often bathes.
    “Finally, the last of the habitations of the strange people was torn down and 300 years later, when General Clark came here and found Black Hawk in possession, nothing remained save the bones of the murdered people on the island.
One after another I have seen my people killed in some manner and misfortune has stricken them from the face of the earth. Do you blame me for thinking that the curse of Yellow Hair is upon us?”

     Valentine Kelly, who was a Spiritualist, told the writer that he was once standing in a shed near the royal tombs when a gigantic white man with yellow hair peered in at the window. He said he saw him, as clearly as could be, for it was broad daylight and he could not have made a mistake. However, Mr. Kelly was a firm believer in ghost and hobgoblins, and it may be that he did not actually see Yellow Hair, but he believed to the time of his death that he had seen him. 

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Part II -The Massacre of Yellow Hair and His People by the Shawnee

Part II -The Massacre of Yellow Hair and His People by the Shawnee

 " As a result, after a terrible encounter, during which both were covered with wounds, Yellow Hair sank exhausted and hawk Wing’s battle ax was buried in his brain."

But Hawk Wing had faith in the Great Spirit, that he and his tribe worshiped, and he collected his warriors and set out for the home of Yellow Hair. In some way, the scouts of Yellow learned of there near approach, and he and his people leaped into their canoes and went to Corn Island. The dangerous whirlpools and the treacherous eddies, with which they were familiar, they thought would protect them from the less skilled Shawnees. But they did not know Hawk Wing. He and his braves had been accustomed to the water from infancy and they were almost as much at home in the torrent as Yellow Hair and his people. So that night while Yellow Hair was peacefully sleeping in fancied security. Hawk Wing and his braves were making canoes and getting ready for battle. Just as the sun was breaking through the murky sky of the east the canoes of Hawk Wing reached the shores of the island. Yellow Hair and his people were awakening from sleep and were falling on their knees in prayer to their sun god. They were in this position when the yells of my people burst upon them. Many were slain as they knelt, but Yellow Hair was a warrior, and though taken by surprise, he seized his battle-ax and valiantly defended his subjects. With his single-hand he slew more than a score of our people. Then when he was weary from fighting Hawk Wing confronted him. Behind Yellow Hair were his wives and children kneeling in prayer and in front of him were Hawk Wing and his warriors. The two chieftains sprang at each other with their battle-axes. My ancestor was used to war and familiar with all the tricks. As a result, after a terrible encounter, during which both were covered with wounds, Yellow Hair sank exhausted and hawk Wing’s battle ax was buried in his brain.
Maddened by the conflict, Hawk Wing turned upon the kneeling women and children and slew them. He and his men kept up the slaughter until not one of the white race remained. Every single one of them had been killed and the scalp lock of Yellow Hair dangled at the belt of Hawk Wing. Till his death he kept it and it was buried with him.

Then the Shawnees took possession of the houses and lands of the vanquished people and the Kelly’s are the last of the victims, for the Shawnees have all gone to the happy hunting grounds, and they have but a remnant of the original blood in them.

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Shawnee Legend of Yellow Hair. "Yellow Hair our people called the Chief, who was a giant."

Shawnee Legend of Yellow Hair. 
"Yellow Hair our people called the Chief, who was a giant."

Yellow Hair was described as a giant in height who ruled over white people living on an island at the Falls of the Ohio.

    “When I was a wee bit of a girl,” said Mrs. Kelly, “my mother sang me to sleep with the words of this song. It was a sort of a chant in the Indian tongue, and I do not remember it all. Translated so you will understand it, it was to the effect that a white people lived here on the falls and that they were mighty. A tall Chief with yellow hair ruled over them and four ages they fought off the redmen and held the fisheries of the falls and the hunting grounds for their own. The sun was the god they worshiped, and he appeared to have blessed them with peace and plenty. Yellow Hair our people called the Chief, who was a giant. The Chiefs or Kings must have maintained the great stature by intermarrying in the royal family, probably killing all the females except just enough to perpetuate, the race. My mother thought they saved the best developed girls for the wives of the Chief in order to perpetuate the governing race. I did not ask her why she formed this opinion, and it may have been part of the legend. But our people had long viewed the land from afar and they determined to possess it. The Chief at that time was Hawk Wing, the line through which I come. He sent spies to make overtures to the strange white people and they visited Yellow hair and told him the Shawnees wanted to share with them the fisheries and the hunting grounds. Yellow Hair listened to their statements and then told them that there was just enough for the white people and that he and his people preferred to live by themselves. Then the Ambassadors of the Shawnees said that if the white people would not submit peacefully to having then for neighbors they would slay them and take their possessions. At this Yellow Hair laughed disdainfully and said the sun god would destroy his enemies with fire from heaven and that every man who took part in such a bloody and unprovoked massacre would die a violent death and that the curse would have the effect as long as one of the offending race remained on earth.

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Abraham Lincoln on the Ancient Nephilim Giants

Abraham Lincoln on the Ancient Nephilim Giants

History of Niagara CountyNew York, 1878
About one and a half miles west of Shelby Centre, Orleans County, is an ancient work. A broad ditch is enclosed in a form nearly circular about three acres of land: the ditch is at this day well defined, several feet deep. Some skeletons, almost entire, have been exhumed, many of giant size, not less than seven to eight feet in length. The skulls are large, and well developed in the anterior lobe, abroad between the ears and flattened in the coronal region.

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Giant Nephilim Skeletons Found at Ohio's Serpent Mound

Giant Nephilim Skeletons Found at Ohio's Serpent Mound

New York Times, March 5, 1894
Giants of Other Days
Recent Discoveries Near Serpent Mound, Ohio.
From the Indianapolis Journal
Farmer Warren Cowen of Hillsborough, Ohio, while fox hunting recently discovered several ancient graves. They were situated upon a high point of land in Highland County, Ohio, about a mile from the famous Serpent Mound, where Prof. Putnam of Harvard made interesting discoveries. As soon as the weather permitted, Cowen excavated several of these graves. The graves were made of large limestone slabs, two and a half to three feet in length and a foot wide. These were set on edge about a foot apart. Similar slabs covered the graves. A single one somewhat larger was at the head and another at the foot. The top of the grave was two feet below the present surface.

Upon opening one of the graves a skeleton upward of six feet in length was brought to light. There were a number of stone hatchets, beads, and ornaments of peculiar workmanship near the right arm. Several large flint spear and arrow heads among the ribs gave evidence that the warrior had died in battle.
In another grave was the skeleton of a man equally large. The right leg had been broken during life, and the bones had grown together. The protuberance at the point of union was as large as an egg, and the limb was bent like a bow. At the feet lay a skull of some enemy or slave. Several pipes and pendants were near the shoulders.
In other graves Cowen made equally interesting finds. It seems that the region was populated by a fairly intelligent people, and that the Serpent Mound was an object of worship. Near the graves is a large field in which broken implements, fragments of pottery, and burned stones give evidence of a prehistoric village site.

Large Skeletons Found at Quadrangular Earthwork that Antedated the Indians in New York

Large Skeletons Found at Quadrangular Work that Antedated the Indians in New York
" A humerus or shoulder bone, which is preserved, denotes a stature one- third larger than the present race"

Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe. Notes on the Iroquois: Or, Contributions to American History, Antiquities, and General Ethnology. E. H. Pease & Company. 1847.

       But the most remarkable and distinctive trait connected with its archaeology is the discovery of human bones denoting an uncommon stature and development, which are mentioned in the same communication. A humerus or shoulder bone, which is preserved, denotes a stature one- third larger than the present race, and there is also a lower jaw bone, preserved by a physician at Batavia, from the vicinity, which indicates the same gigantic measure of increase. 

   The shape is quadrangular, and is shown in the diagram or ground plot. The forest has been removed. Not a tree remains on the quadrangle, and only a few on the edge of the ravine on the west. By cultivating the land, the trench is nearly filled in some places, though the line of it is clearly seen. On the north side the trench is considerable, and where the road crosses it, is three or four feet deep at the sides of the road. It will take only a few years more to oblate rate it entirely, as not even a stump remains to mark out its line.
  From this view it may be seen or inferred,
  1. That a real trench bounded three sides of the quadrangle. On the south side there was not found any trace of trench, palisadoes, blocks, &c.
  2. It was formed long before the whites came into the country. The large trees on the ground and in the trench carry us back to an early era.
  3. The workers must have had some convenient tools for excavation.
  4. The direction of the sides may have had some reference to the four cardinal points, though the situation of the ravines naturally marked out the lines.
  5. It cannot have been designed merely to catch wild animals to be driven into it from the south. The oblique cut down to the spring is opposed to this supposition, as well as the insufficiency of such a trench to confine the animals of the forest.
  6. The same reasons render it improbable that the quadrangle was designed to confine and protect domestic animals.
  7. It was probably a sort of fortified place. There might have been a defense on the south by a stockade or some similar means, which might have entirely disappeared.
By what people was this work done?
Must we not refer Fort Hill to that race which peopled this country before the Indians, who raised so many monuments greatly exceeding the power of the Indians, and who lived at a remote era?”
H. R. SCHOOLCRAFT, Esq.: I forward you the observations on Fort Hill, for your use. My speculations are added for my pleasure, and you will use them as you please. In great haste, I am obliged to close.
Your obedient,

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Cemetery of Ancient Giants Discovered at Sun Temple 666 Feet In Circumference

Cemetery of Ancient Nephilim Giants Discovered Near Sun Temple 666 Feet In Circumference

Two Sun Temples (Henges) aligned to the Summer Solstice sunset. The circumference of the largest henge was 666 feet.

Collins Historical Sketches of Kentucky V. II, History of Kentucky, 1874
Madison County

    Ancient cemetery- A race of giants on five high points on Caldwell Campbell’s farm, and on a farm of Samual and Walker Madison, adjoining, 8 miles southwest of Richmond, are burial grounds of pre-historic inhabitants- in all embracing fully 3 acres. On one part, about one and a half acres, have been discovered the skeletons of giants- The femur, tibia, skull, and inferior maxillary bones so large, when compared with the size of the late John Campbell (himself 6 feet 4 inches high) as to indicate a race 7 to 8 feet high. John Campbell slipped the inferior jaw bone of one entirely over his own, flesh and all.

Giant Skeleton in A Stone Tomb, Found Standing up Surrounded by Sacrifiiced Attendants

Giant Skeleton in A Stone Tomb, Found Standing up Surrounded by Sacrifiiced Attendants

San Francisco Chronicle, August 25, 1908
Workman Unearth Bones of Extinct Race Believed to Have Been Mound Builders
     Human bones beleived to have been those of mound builders were fund at second and St. Clair avenue, East St. Louis, recently, by workman, who were digging an excavation for a hay warehouse.
   one skeleton was walled up in a stone tomb eight feet high.  When a heavy slab of rock was taken  from the top the skeleton, standing upright, could be see within.
  It was that of a man apparently 7 feet tall.  An effort was made to remove the skeleton intact,but when other stoneswere removed it fell to pieces.
    Buried under 5 feet of earth, near the base of this ancient tomb were the skeletons of other men all above normal height.  They were in a circle about the tomb where their chieftan had been walled up.  As the ground was cleared away these skeletons also fell apart.  Three skulls were intact.

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Ancient England Druid's Mound Entombing a Large Skeleton is Discovered in New York State

Ancient England Druid's Mound Entombing a Large Skeleton is Discovered in New York State

Burial mound is surrounded by a ditch an earthen wall, much like is found in the Ohio Valley.  This same type of burial mound was common in England with the people that constructed Stonehenge.

History of Cattaraugus County New York  1879
    About two miles south of the village of Rutledge, in the town of Connewango, on lot No. 45, at a point about sixty rods east of Connewango Creek and near the residence of Norman E. Cowen, there was discovered by the first pioneers of this section a sepulcher mound, nearly circular in form, and having an entire circumference of 170 feet.  The height of the mound was about 12 feet.  Mr Cheney spoke of this work as "having the appearance of being constructed with the ditch outside of the mound as in Druid Barrows.
   Within the mound there were discovered 9 human skeletons, which had been buried in a sitting posture and at regular intervals of space, in the form of a circle, and facing towards a common center.  There were some slight appearance that the framework had enclosed the dead at the time of their internment.  The skeletons were so far decayed as to crumble upon exposure to the atmosphere, but were all of very large size.  An osfemur (the largest found here) was 28 inches in length."

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Cherokee Indian Legend of Fairies or Little People

Cherokee Indian Legend of Fairies or Little People

Now and Long Ago-A History of the Marion County Area, 1969


   Another god invoked in the hunting songs is Tsu´l’kalĂ»´, or “Slanting Eyes,” a giant hunter who lives in one of the great mountains of the Blue Ridge and owns all the game. Others are the Little Men, probably the two Thunder boys; the Little People, the fairies who live in the rock cliffs; and even the De´tsata, a diminutive sprite who holds the place of our Puck. One unwritten formula, which could not be obtained correctly by dictation, was addressed to the “Red-Headed Woman, whose hair hangs down to the ground.”

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Shawnee Indians Translate Ken - Tuck - ee as "The River of Blood."

Shawnee Indians Translate Ken - Tuck - ee  as "The River of Blood."

The Shawnee history talks about an ancient white of mound builders who were slaughtered on Sandy Island on the Ohio River.  Afterwards, they were terrified of the spirits in the lands of Kentucky and West Virginia and would even historic times, refuse to live there.

   These whites, after a series of bloody contest with the Indians, had been exterminated; that the old burial places were the graves of an unknown people; and that the old forts had not been built by Indians, but had come down from ' a very long ago' people, who were of a white complexion and skilled in the arts'. 
       In addition to this tradition testimony, various striking traces of a deadly conflict have been found all along the Ohio border... General Clark declares that "Ken-tuck-ee" in the language of the Indians signifies 'the river of blood.'

      Ken-tuck-e, to the Indian, was a land of ill repute, and, wherever a lodge fire blazed, 'strange and unholy rumors' were busy with her name. The old Indian who described to Colonel Moore the sanguinary and decisive battle of Sandy Island expressed great astonishment that white people could live in a country which had once been the scene of such conflicts; and an ancient Sac, whom Colonel Joe Hamilton Davies met at St. Louis in 1800, gave utterance to similar expressions of surprise. Kentucky, he said was filled with ghost of its slaughtered inhabitants, how could the white man make it his home?

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A Tour of the Nephilim Giant's Tombs in Ohio

Chippewa Indian Legend of an Ancient White Race that Mined the Copper

Chippewa Indian Legend of an Ancient White Race that Mined the Copper

Prehistoric Copper Mining in the Lake Superior Region, 1923

   Indian Legends make no mention of these mining operations which were of a magnificence and magnitude worthy of being included in the history of any race.

       The legends do mention that a white race was driven out far back in the Indians history. The fact that Indian legends indicate that pieces of copper were reserved as Manitous or Gods would seem to prove that they were not the people who mined and used copper "industrially"
   Father Allouez said that the Indian legends contained no reference to mining or the miners. In fact the Indians did not know where the mines were. A report of a Chippewa legend says that the old one states that their forefathers, drove out a white race who might have been the miners.

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Mounds State Park's Nephilim Giants

Mounds State Park's Nephilim Giants

Short video showing photos of the Sun Temples at Mounds State Park along with the Historical records of finding Nephilim giants skeletons around the grounds of the park.
  Giant skeletons were found in and around the Sun Temple (Henge) complex located in Anderson, Indiana.  Giant skeleton over 8 feet were found.  This is a tour of the earthworks at Mounds State Park , revealing the Sun Father and Earth Mother symbolism (Sacred Geometry) that is found within the shapes of the temples along with their solar alignments.

Nephilim Giant's Sun Temple Complex in Indiana

Nephilim Giant's Sun Temple Complex in Indiana


   Nephilim giant remains were discovered in around this massive sun temple complex in Indiana. Giant Nephilim as large as 8 feet were discovered. The temple gateways were aligned to the Solstices, Equinox and May sunrises and sunsets.  The sun temples are best described as "henges."  A henge is a earthen sun temple with a outer wall and interior ditch with a gateway that is aligned to a solar event. The construction of the earthwork is identical to that of Stonehenge in England.  Identical skull types have been found in the burial mounds around Stonehenge and those found in the Ohio Valley. There have also been persistent reports of fairies being witness at the park. Photos are from "The Nephilim Chronicles: A Travel Guide to the Ancient Ruins in the Ohio Valley."

Seneca Indian Chief Cornplanter Confirms "War of Extermination" Against Ancient White Inhabitants of Kentucky

Seneca Indian Chief Cornplanter Confirms "War of Extermination" Against Ancient White Inhabitants of Kentucky

Centennial History of Miami County, Ohio 1855
      One Indian tradition averts that the primitive inhabitants of Kentucky perished in a war of extermination waged against them by the red tribes, and the Indian chief Tobacco informed George Rogers Clarke of a tradition in which it was stated that there was a battle at Sandy Island which decided the fate of the ancient inhabitants. Chief Cornplanter affirmed that Ohio, and this local section as well, had once been inhabited by a white race who were familiar with the arts of which they (The Indians) knew nothing.