Monday, March 7, 2016

Cemetery of Ancient Giants Discovered at Sun Temple 666 Feet In Circumference

Cemetery of Ancient Nephilim Giants Discovered Near Sun Temple 666 Feet In Circumference

Two Sun Temples (Henges) aligned to the Summer Solstice sunset. The circumference of the largest henge was 666 feet.

Collins Historical Sketches of Kentucky V. II, History of Kentucky, 1874
Madison County

    Ancient cemetery- A race of giants on five high points on Caldwell Campbell’s farm, and on a farm of Samual and Walker Madison, adjoining, 8 miles southwest of Richmond, are burial grounds of pre-historic inhabitants- in all embracing fully 3 acres. On one part, about one and a half acres, have been discovered the skeletons of giants- The femur, tibia, skull, and inferior maxillary bones so large, when compared with the size of the late John Campbell (himself 6 feet 4 inches high) as to indicate a race 7 to 8 feet high. John Campbell slipped the inferior jaw bone of one entirely over his own, flesh and all.