Friday, March 25, 2016

Ohio Giant Nephilim Skull is Uncovered in Jerusalem, Israel at the Gates of Damascus

Ohio Giant Nephilim Skull is Uncovered in Jerusalem at the Gates of Damascus

Dinaric skulls from Europe on the left and Ohio on the right.  This is the type of "deformed" skull that is described in the article below.  The skulls are typical of Upper Paleolithic Cro Magnon with a protruding brow and facial prognathism. This same type of skull has been found in the conical mounds in England.

One of these Dinaric skulls were discovered by Prof. Retzius, who described it  in , "The Proceeding of the Royal Academy of Science, 1902 "

   "One of these deformed skulls was discovered in 1856 by J. Hudson Barclay, in a large cavern near the Damascus Gateat Jerusalem. The skull was of unusually large size and decayed, but the skull, which was pretty well preserved, was brought to this country and is preserved in the collection of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Pennsylvania.