Friday, April 15, 2016

8 1/2 Foot Giant Buried With Corn , Planted by a Kentucky Farmer and Grows

8 1/2 Foot Giant Buried With Corn that is Planted by a Kentucky Farmer.
So, you always wondered about the true origins of this American favorite.

Fredericksburg Star, July 7th 1900
Corn Found in Indian Mound Planted and Proved Productive
    Floyd Tully of Stout, Ohio has received from a Clay County, Kentucky friend an ear  of corn that has a history.  It was grown from a seed dug out of an Indian mound in that county, says the Cincinnati Commercial Tribune.  The seed which was 6 feet under ground, was in a jar, sealed, and was close to a skeleton, that measured 8 1/2 feet in height.

    The corn was planted and proved a good yielder, and the ear presented to Mr. Tully was part of the product.  Mr Tully distributed kernels among his friends, who will plant them this year.