Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Israelite Weapons Discovered with Large Skeletons in New York

Israelite Weapons Discovered with Large Skeletons in New York

Socketed spear heads found with the large skeletons in New York. Socketed weapons were not invented until about 1500 B.C and would fall within the time line of the Amorites in the Levant and England.

     “The Art Of Warfare in Biblical Lands,” Yigael Yadin, 1963. 
     “At the end of the third millennium, the armorers were still grappling with the problem of finding an effective method of attaching the spearhead to a wooden staff….not until a later stage in the first half of the second millennium was the socketed type to be developed and more commonly used and conferred a significant military advantage.”

History of New York, from "Prehistoric Man" 1888
 Brockville, New York
      They were found at the head of LesGalops Rapids, on the river St. Lawrence, about fifteen feet below the surface, along with twenty skeletons disposed in a circular space with their feet toward the center. Dr. Reynolds remarks of them: “Some of the skeletons were of gigantic proportions.

Spoked burial are found in numbers in both New York and the Ohio Valley.  Many times the skeletons are described as "gigantic."  This type of burial would have required that the skeletons be placed in the mound at the same time.  The only conclusion is that they were slain in a military conflict.  Note in the burial above that a few of the skeletons have their head placed between their knees.  These must have been placed in the mound to serve as slaves in the afterlife.