Sunday, June 26, 2016

Adena Mound and Giant in Huntington County, Indiana

Adena Mound and Giant in Huntington County, Indiana

    This burial mound located outside of Warren, Indiana was once higher and more conical in shape.  The mound was described as having an earthwork surrounding it, which is still slightly visible.  This characteristic is clearly Adena in a location much further north than archaeologists have theorized. 

The burial mound on the Thompson property was not found, this mound near Warren is the only remaining burial mound within Huntington County.

The News Boy (Benton, Missouri) August 22, 1896
     Dr. J. M. Shutt, while exploring an Indian mound on the farm of Marion Thompson, in Huntington county, Indiana on the 14th, unearthed a number of Indian skeletons, the largest being that of an Indian giant, eight feet two inches long. The skull is five-eighths of an inch thick.

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