Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Giant Skeleton with Double Rows of Teeth and Horns Depicted on a Vermont Petroglyph

Giant Skeleton with Double Rows of Teeth and Petroglyph of an Ancient  Horned Race in Vermont

Giant skeletons with double rows of teeth and horns have been found throughout the northeast. This Iroquois Petroglyph in Vermont documents these strange beings that once roamed these lands.

History of the Town of Rockingham, Vermont, 1907
     The following is reported, "When the earth was removed from the top of the ledges east of the falls a remarkable human skeleton, unmistakably that of an Indian, was found. Those who saw it told the writer the jaw bone was of such size that a large man could easily slip it over his face and the teeth, which were all double rows and were perfect This skeleton was kept for many years deposited in the attic of a small building on the north side of the Square. This building was then occupied by Dr. John H. Wells' office and drug store and stood where the Italian fruit store now does. When the building was rebuilt a decade ago or more the bones disappeared.