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Ohio Earthwork Venerates the 8 Deities of the Hopewell Dakota Sioux Indians

The 8 Dieities of the Hopewell Dakota Sioux Indians 

Wi -  The most powerful Sun god
Shkan - The sky god
Maka - The Earth Mother
Inyan - Rock and immovable things

Hanwi - Goddess of the Moon - wife of Wi

Tate -  god of the winds
Wohpe - The falling star or meteor
Wakinyan - Thunderbird

Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Nephilim Giants Copper Tablets

The Nephilim Giants Copper Tablets

Now and Long Ago, 1969
    During this interview she told Heck that a man named Solomon Spaulding, who said he was a preacher who came here in the summer of 1812, from Amity Village in Washington County, Pennsylvania.
   Mrs. Shearer said that Spaulding was more interested in Indian relics than in religion, and spent most of his time at Hoults, (West Virginia) across the river, digging around the old Indian road there, and places where Indian graves used to be..  She said he lived with the Heck family the first time he was here, "then left and came again," and this time lived over the river with the Hoults.  She said that some people said, afterwards, that the last time he was here he dug up some copper plates down by Pricketts Creek, "and there was some matter of queer writing on the plates that nobody could read."
       A note found among the papers of Rev. Levi Shinn, founder of Shinnston, informs that Rev Spaulding told him that he had unearthed an ancient manuscript on the Hoult property, just below the mouth of the Tygart Valley River, where the "ancient people" thousands of years ago had constructed three mounds and built a fort. Through his knowledge of hieroglyphs he had deciphered it.
  "Rev. Spaulding resolved to publish it under the name of "The Maunscript Found," and actually entered into a contract with a Mr. Patterson of Pittsburgh, to publish the same, but for some reason the contract was not fulfilled.  The manuscript remained in the possession of Mr. Patterson between two and three years before Rev. Spaulding reclaimed and recovered it."

Monday, July 18, 2016

Blonde Hair, Blue Eyed Mandan Indians Claim they are Descended from White Men

Blonde Hair, Blue Eyed Mandan Indians Claim they are Descended from White Men

Blonde Hair, blue eyed Mandan Indian women with European features.  The Mandan Indians were in the distant past part of the Hopewell Moundbuilders in the Ohio Valley.  Their European features were the result of genetic mixing with the Adena who had their origins in the British Isles via the Levant and were of Indo European origin.

The Mandan Indians claimed to be descended from a white man who came in a big canoe, that come to rest on a high mountain after a great flood that destroyed everything on earth. 

  According to George Catlin, 20% of the Mandan Indians were "nearly white" in complexion with light blue eyes.  He commented that the Mandan women could easily be recognized as Europeans. Catlin also said that the Mandan were, "advanced farther in the arts of manufacture," than any other Indian nation, and their lodges were equipped with "more comforts and luxuries of life."

Another Mandan Indian woman drawn by George Catlin with European facial features.  Where could such an influx into their DNA have come if it were not for their mising with European mound builders for a thousand years?


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Ancient Beetle Browed Human Giant Discovered On Texas Gulf Coast

Ancient Beetle Browed Human Giant Discovered On Texas Gulf Coast

The giant skull with a beetled brow, sloping forehead and massive jaw is diagnostic of the Maritime Archaic that came here on boats from Northern Europe as early as 7000 B.C. 

San Antonio Express, January, 7, 1940

Beach Giant's Skull Unearthed By WPA Workers Near Victoria 
Believed to Be Largest Ever Found in World; Normal Head Also Found
 That Texas “had a giant in the beach” in the long ago appears probable from the large skull recently unearthed on a mound in Victoria County, believed to be the largest human skull ever found in the United States and probably in the world.Twice the size of the skull of a normal man, the fragments were dug up by W. Duffen, archeologist who is excavating the mound in Victoria County under a WPA project sponsored by the University of Texas. In the same mound and at the same level, a normal sized skull was found. The pieces taken from the mound were reconstructed in the WPA laboratory under the supervision of physical anthropologists.A study is being made to determine whether the huge skull was that of a man belonging to a tribe of extraordinary large men, or whether the skull was that of an abnormal member of a tribe, a case of gigantism. Several large human bones have been unearthed at the site.Marcus B. Goldstein, physical anthropologist, employed on the WPA project, formerly was an aide of Alen Horliken, curator of the National Museum of Physical Anthropology.  The finds made through excavations in Texas are beginning to give weight to the theory that man lived in Texas 40,000 years ago, it is said

Friday, July 15, 2016

Northern European Origins of Ohio's Mound Builders

Northern European Cro-Magnon Origins of Ohio's Mound Builders

Martitime Archaic European Cro-Magnon skull is on the left with the large skull from California on the right. The domes, eye sockets, zygomatic bones, Mandibles, chins are all identical. In addition to the large size of the skull and skeleton. 

    The origin of the Maritime Archaic in North America was from Northern Europe. Marija Gimbutas, the foremost expert in European prehistory believed that the Maritime Archaic had spread to North America. My evidence certainly corroborates that conclusion. The Maritime Archaic's material culture, burial types and more importantly the skull types are identical in North America and Northern Europe. Despite archaeologists distancing themselves from using the term “CroMagnon,” the skull types associated with this Archaic type of human is the best qualifier for the description of the Maritime Archaic. The Cro-magnon skull is dolichocephalic (long), the jaw prognathous (protruding), the nose flat and the supraorbital ridges (brow ridges) pronounced.

    Northern European burials included red ochre along with other grave goods similar to what is found in North America. Dogs are found buried with children in both Northern Europe and graves associated with North America's Maritime Archaic; the purpose believed to be that the dog would protect the child in the afterlife and it had in this. More important is that the skull types are identical.

Artifacts, burial types and skeletal types eventually spread into the Ohio Valley, where they are identified with the Adena mound builders. On the left are charm stones from a burial mound in Coschocton County, Ohio.

Discover the Origins of Ohio's Mound Builders

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Giants With Horns Map in Adena Mound Builder Lands

Giants With Horns Map in Adena Mound Builder Lands

Map showing the location where giant skeletons were discovered that were described as having bony protrusions or horns extending from their foreheads.

Indianapolis Journal, December 21, 1899
Workmen Unearth Skeletons of Two Prehistoric Giants.

Springfield, O.. Dec. 20.- While workmen were taking gravel out of a pit near Enon they unearthed two skeletons of human beings. One of the skulls contained four horns-two on each side of the head. The horns are uniform in size and little more than two inches long. They are located directly above and below the ears. Those above turn upward and those below turn downward. There is a bad fracture on the right side, indicating that this queer being was probably killed with some sharp instrument. It is thought from the size of the skull, that it belonged to a man who was a giant of some prehistoric race

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hellenwood, Tennessee Giant with Horns Myth or Reality

Hellenwood, Tennessee Giant with Horns Myth or Reality

  This is reported as the horned giant removed by miners in Helenwood, Tennessee.  Is this one of the hybrids created by the Watchers?  In 'The Encyclopedia of Ancient Giants in North America,"  I have 11 different accounts of giants skeletons that were described as having horns or bony protrusions coming out of their foreheads.
   It is of interest that this abnormality occurs exclusivily in the heart of the Nephilim lands in Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. With the Helenwood petrified body are we looking at the prodigy of a Watcher, or a hoax? 

The Red Cloud Chief., September 08, 1921

     Petrified Body Found by Tennessee Miners Is Six Feet Four Inches Long. Knoxville, Tenn. Workmen of the Keene-Strunk Coal company at Helenwood, Scott county, have found buried in the earth and petrified, a giant 6 feet 4 inches tall. Imbedded in the one-time flesh about Its neck is a beautiful chain. The fingers are perfect, with long, tapering nails. The hands are folded across the breast. On either side of its head are two horns, each about four inches length. Its weight Is about 450 pounds. It is on exhibition In Helenwood, where It Is being visited by thousands

Horned Nephilim Giants in Tennessee, Indiana, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts

Monday, July 11, 2016

Thousands of Giants Discovered on Catalina Island, California

Thousands of Giants Discovered on Catalina Island, California

Theosophical Path Magazine, January, 1930
      A report just published in the San Diego Union gives some details of an announcement by professor Ralph Glidden, curator of the Catalina Museum. He claims overwhelming proof that a fair skinned, fair haired, highly intelligent race of great stature lived on Catalina Island, off the southwestern coast of California, perhaps three thousand years ago.
A skeleton of a young girl, evidently of high rank, within a large funeral urn, was surrounded by those of sixty four children, and in various parts of the island more than three thousand other skeletons were found, practically all the males averaging around seven feet in height, one being seven feet eight inches from the top of his head to the ankle, and another being nine feet 2 inches tall. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Iroquois Legend of Red Haired Dwarf Race in Tennessee. Dwarf Skeletons Discovered

Iroquois Legend of Red Haired Dwarf Race in Tennessee.  Dwarf Skeletons Discovered

Queens County Sentinel, August 3, 1893

In Eastern Tennessee Have Been Found Graves and Skeletons of an Almost Forgotten People
    The Smithsonian Institution has undertaken a peculiar work in this locality.  This people of the worlds who have paid lengthy visits to that hilly country known as East Tennessee have always been impressed with the sublimity and beauty of the mountains, the simplicity and superstition of the inhabitants and the general air of sleepy mysteriousness surrounding everything.  Ask one of these people where they would most expect to find a race of dwarfs or giants and the reply will be, "In east Tennessee." And recent developments seem to bear them out, for the last few years the remains of people less than three feet in height have been discovered in this country.
   On the eastern slope of one of the peaks of the Great Smoky mountains where the first rays of the morning sun strike, is an ancient burying ground, and such another burying place could not be found, though the world would be searched, for not one grave is more than three feet long.  The tombs are three feet below the surface and are formed of cement and flat stones, and have defied the ravages of time to cause them to be destroyed.  Most of those examined contained a vase, a few beads and human skeletons which was never more than 36 inches long and was that of a full grown person.
    The most interesting account is that of the red men who held that country when first settled by whites.  They claim that when they came to that section of the country it was peopled by a race of small, fierce men, with red hair; that these dwarfs waged a long and bloody war with the Indians, but were finally all killed; that this burying ground was used long before they came into the country.

Numerous Indian Legends of an Ancient Dwarf Race

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Map of the Rephaim Spirits in North America

Map of the Rephaim Spirits in North America

Book of Enoch 15: 8  And now the giants, who have been begotten from body and flesh, will be called evil spirits on earth, and their dwelling-places will be upon the earth.

    This is a map I did for L.A.s monthly e-magazine showing the locations of where paranormal investigations were conducted by "Ghost Adventures" and the "Dead Files." "Ghost Adventures" are the red stars and "Dead Files" are the yellow.  My theory was that the lands where there were concentrations of the Rephaim (giants burials) would be the most haunted.
    For those with a copy of "The Encyclopedia of Ancient Giants in North America" you know that the most numerous giant concentrations were in the Midwest States of Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio. These are where the sun temples and geometric earthworks are most numerous. Similar burial mounds that were encircled by a ditch or moat extend northeast into Pennsylvania and New York.
   In California are where numerous accounts of giants with double rows of teeth and Archaic almost Neanderthal looking skulls were found. Lots of giants in California, bur the fact that this is where the production companies are based may skew the numbers of investigations higher in the states of California and Nevada.

Get L.A.s E_Mag Here

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Is This the Mothman Demon?

Is This the Mothman Demon?

This photo was taken across the Ohio River from the noted home of the Mothman at Point Pleasant, West Virginia. After taking this photo a voice came from in front of me saying "Nice evening isn't it?"  I was alone in this remote cemetery and didn't have any explanation for the origin of the voice.
A friend pointed out this demonic face. 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Human Sacrifice is Evident in Ohio's Giants Tombs

Human Sacrifice is Evident in Ohio's Giants Tombs

The skeletons who had their head placed between their legs might have been sacrificed at the time when the giant's were buried within their earthen tomb.

Chicago Herald, April 15, 1904
Interesting relic of Ancient Mound Builders Uncovered In Ohio

   A giant skeleton of a man has been unearthed on the Wolverton farm, a short distance from Tippecanoe City, Ohio. It measured eight feet from the top of the head to the ankles, the feet being missing. The skull is large enough to act ad a helmet over the average mans head. This skeleton was one of seven buried in a circle, the feet all being toward the center. Rude implements were near. The skeletons are thought to be those of the mound builders.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Giant Neanderthal Hybrids Uncovered in Palestine

Giant Neanderthal Hybrids Uncovered in Palestine

Giant skeletons with a protruding brow have been discovered from the Biblical Levant, across Northern Europe to North America.  These hybrids were the "abomination" that were to be removed from the earth with the flood.......but they survived.  Genesis 6:4 "There were giants in those days and also after that."

     "The mounds and caves of the Near East continue to yield archaeological items of interest. Thus there was recently reported the finding of the skeleton of a giant in a cave at Athlit, Palestine. The find is said to resemble that of Paleanthropus Palestinus found a year ago at Mt. Carmel. These prehistoric men differed from all others in their long limbs, jutting chins, and awning like ridges over their eyes. Maybe it was the descendants of some of these that the spies saw when they went up to look over the promised land."

Friday, July 1, 2016

Nephilim Numerology and the Indiana Giant's Earthworks

Nephilim Numerology and the Indiana Giant's Earthworks

    The two core numbers of the Gematria codex are 666 and 1080.  666 symbolizing the Sun Father and the number 1080 being the Earth Mother.   Two earthworks in Wayne County, Indiana were constructed to be numerically harmonic utilizing the numbers 660 and 1080.  660 sometimes was substituted for 666 because of addition with and division with 1080.

Earthwork at Winchester, Indiana was 1080 feet on the north-south walls and 1320 or 660 X 2 on the east west walls that were aligned to the summer solstice sunset and the winter solstice sunrise.

 A few miles away from the Winchester, Indiana earthworks was another in Fountain City that was constructed to be numerically harmonic.  The walls of the earthwork were 780 feet which subtracted from 1320 equals 540.

Again using the math in comparison with Winchester, the earthwork reveals both 1080 and the number 666.