Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hellenwood, Tennessee Giant with Horns Myth or Reality

Hellenwood, Tennessee Giant with Horns Myth or Reality

  This is reported as the horned giant removed by miners in Helenwood, Tennessee.  Is this one of the hybrids created by the Watchers?  In 'The Encyclopedia of Ancient Giants in North America,"  I have 11 different accounts of giants skeletons that were described as having horns or bony protrusions coming out of their foreheads.
   It is of interest that this abnormality occurs exclusivily in the heart of the Nephilim lands in Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. With the Helenwood petrified body are we looking at the prodigy of a Watcher, or a hoax? 

The Red Cloud Chief., September 08, 1921

     Petrified Body Found by Tennessee Miners Is Six Feet Four Inches Long. Knoxville, Tenn. Workmen of the Keene-Strunk Coal company at Helenwood, Scott county, have found buried in the earth and petrified, a giant 6 feet 4 inches tall. Imbedded in the one-time flesh about Its neck is a beautiful chain. The fingers are perfect, with long, tapering nails. The hands are folded across the breast. On either side of its head are two horns, each about four inches length. Its weight Is about 450 pounds. It is on exhibition In Helenwood, where It Is being visited by thousands

Horned Nephilim Giants in Tennessee, Indiana, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts