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Iroquois Legend of Red Haired Dwarf Race in Tennessee. Dwarf Skeletons Discovered

Iroquois Legend of Red Haired Dwarf Race in Tennessee.  Dwarf Skeletons Discovered

Queens County Sentinel, August 3, 1893

In Eastern Tennessee Have Been Found Graves and Skeletons of an Almost Forgotten People
    The Smithsonian Institution has undertaken a peculiar work in this locality.  This people of the worlds who have paid lengthy visits to that hilly country known as East Tennessee have always been impressed with the sublimity and beauty of the mountains, the simplicity and superstition of the inhabitants and the general air of sleepy mysteriousness surrounding everything.  Ask one of these people where they would most expect to find a race of dwarfs or giants and the reply will be, "In east Tennessee." And recent developments seem to bear them out, for the last few years the remains of people less than three feet in height have been discovered in this country.
   On the eastern slope of one of the peaks of the Great Smoky mountains where the first rays of the morning sun strike, is an ancient burying ground, and such another burying place could not be found, though the world would be searched, for not one grave is more than three feet long.  The tombs are three feet below the surface and are formed of cement and flat stones, and have defied the ravages of time to cause them to be destroyed.  Most of those examined contained a vase, a few beads and human skeletons which was never more than 36 inches long and was that of a full grown person.
    The most interesting account is that of the red men who held that country when first settled by whites.  They claim that when they came to that section of the country it was peopled by a race of small, fierce men, with red hair; that these dwarfs waged a long and bloody war with the Indians, but were finally all killed; that this burying ground was used long before they came into the country.

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