Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Blonde Haired Mummy Discovered in a Tennessee Cave

It is believed that this is the mummy of Biblical Joseph 1400 B.C.   Joseph was from the same lands of the Amorites who invaded and controlled Egypt

 Smithsonian Institutes Bureau of Ethnology, 1890-1891
     Twelve miles below Carthage, and about a mile from the Cumberland River, is a cave in which occurred human bones of all sizes. There is a burying ground near to the fortification, in which, fifteen years ago, were discovered many skeletons, and with them were deposited pipes and water vessels of earthen ware. Near to this cemetery is a deep creek running into the river, and forming an acute angle with the latter. At some distance form the junction is a ditch running from the creek to the river, and the remains of a parapet. Opposite to the entrance way, and about six feet from it, is the appearance of a wall on the inside, so formed as to turn those entering to the right or left. In the interior were several mounds.
      Captain Daniel Williams, a man of undoubted veracity, is said to have affirmed that, several years ago, in a cave five or six miles from Carthage, on the Cumberland River, workmen were collecting earth for salt peter and that many human skeletons were found, one of which was a female in a good state of preservation with yellow hair, and shrivelled flesh. Around the waist was a silver girdle, with marks resembling letters. The body was replaced in the cave whence they had taken it.