Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mass Grave of 200 Ancient Giant Humans Over 9 Feet Uncovered in Toronto, Canada

Mass Grave of  200 Ancient Giant Humans Over 9 Feet Uncovered in Toronto, Canada

Picture of the Grand River where the mass grave was found.

 1874 Pioneer Society of Michigan (Ontario Canada)
     We frequently hear of the discovery of the skeletons of a gigantic  (Nephiim) race, and we are therefore the more puzzled to know to what race the mound builders belonged, for although we are called a new country, comparatively speaking, we may be the oldest. A few years ago an article appeared in the Toronto Telegraph stating that in the township of Cayuga in the Grand River, on the farm of Daniel Fredenburg, five or six feet below the surface, were found two hundred skeletons nearly perfect, in a string of beads around the neck of each, stone pipes in the jaws of several of them, and many stone axes and skinners scattered around in the dirt. The skeletons were gigantic, some of them measuring nine feet, and few of them less than seven. Some of the thigh bones were six inches longer that any now known. The farm had been cultivated a century and was originally covered with a growth of pine. There was evidence from the crushed bones that a battled had been fought and these were some of the slain… Were these the remains of Indians or some other race? Who filled this ghastly pit?