Monday, September 26, 2016

Scientists Confide; A 9 Foot Giant Found in Indiana Belonged to an Ancient White Race.

Scientists Confide; A  9 Foot Giant Found in Indiana Belonged to an Ancient White Race.

Indianapolis News, November 11, 1875

    One of the strangest contributions ever to come to hand tells of the existence in what is now Indiana, long before statehood and even before the Indians came here, of a mysterious giant mound-builders race whose men were more than nine feet tall.

      She quoted Robison further as saying that no intelligent investigative work was conducted there until 1879, 14 years after the discovery of the mound. He continued:
"The state geologist brought a couple of men here, one from Cincinnati and one from New York, and with Dr. Charles Green of North Vernon, they made quite an extensive examination. Among other things found was the skeleton of a man, it was intact, or rather, I might say, the bones were not scattered. It measured nine feet, eight inches.
   "Kenneth Kellar, grandson of Robison, remembers that basket of bones. He said the bones were lost when the 1937 flood washed out the office"
    Robinson who told of seeing the huge skeleton exhumed added that, according to the men of science who were there, they were the remains of a white race that had inhabited that part of the country before the advent of the red man.