Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Nephilim Giants Once Resided in Salt Lake City, Utah

Nephilim Giants Once Resided in Salt Lake City, Utah

1891 Map of Salt Lake City, Utah with the Jordan River visible on the left.  Joseph Smith called the Ohio Valley, "The Land of the Nephi."  There are hundreds of accounts of giant human skeletons that were found in Ohio, is this giant within the Salt Lake the first Mormon resident?

New York Sun, August 27, 1891

    "The gigantic skeleton of a man, measuring 8 feet 6 inches in height, was found near the Jordan River just outside Salt Lake City, last week. The find was made by a workman who was digging an irrigation ditch. The skull was uncovered at a depth of eight feet from the surface of the ground and the skeleton was standing bolt upright. The workmen had to dig down nine feet in order to exhume it. The bones were much decayed and crumbled at the slightest touch. They were put together with great care and the skeleton was found to measure 8 feet 6 inches in height: the skull measured 11 inches in diameter and the feet 19 inches long. A copper chain, to which was attached three medallions covered with curious hieroglyphics, was found around the neck of the skeleton and near it were found a stone hammer, some pieces of pottery, an arrowhead and some copper medals. Archaeologists believe that the original owner of the skeleton belonged to the race of mound builders."