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Nephilim Giants Graveyards and Mass Burials in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York

Nephilim Giants Graveyards and Mass Burials in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York

Pioneer Society of Michigan (Ontario Canada) 1887
     We frequently hear of the discovery of the skeletons of a gigantic race, and we are therefore the more puzzled to know to what race the mound builders belonged, for although we are called a new country, comparatively speaking, we may be the oldest. A few years ago an article appeared in the Toronto Telegraph stating that in the township of Cayuga in the Grand River, on the farm of DanielFredenburg, five or six feet below the surface, were found two hundred skeletons nearly perfect, in a string of beads around the neck of each, stone pipes in the jaws of several of them, and many stone axes and skinners scattered around in the dirt. The skeletons were gigantic, some of them measuring nine feet, and few of them less than seven. Some of the thigh bones were six inches longer that any now known. The farm had been cultivated a century and was originally covered with a growth of pine. There was evidence from the crushed bones that a battled had been fought and these were some of the slain… Were these the remains of Indians or some other race? Who filled this ghastly pit?

History of Huron and Erie Counties, Ohio 1879
Near these forts were mounds or hillocks, which were found to contain human bones, promiscuously thrown together, as if a large number of bodies had been buried at one time. The skull bones, when found entire, were shown to be larger upon average, than those of the present race, and all exhibited marks that would indicate that life had been taken in deadly combat.

Historical Collections of Ohio, Howe, Vol., 1 1847
Ashtabula County Ohio
     There were mounds situated in the eastern part of the village of Conneaut and an extensive burying ground near the Presbyterian Church, which appear to have had no connection with the burying places of the Indians. Among the human bones found in the mounds were some belonging to men of gigantic structure. Some of the skulls were of sufficient capacity to admit the head of an ordinary man, and jaw bones that might have been fitted over the face with equal facility; the other bones were proportionately large. The burying ground referred to contained about four acres, and with the exception of a slight angle in conformity with the natural contour of the ground was in the form of an oblong square. It appeared to have been accurately surveyed into lots running from north to south, and exhibited all the order and propriety of arrangement deemed necessary to constitute Christian burial. On the first examination of the ground by the settlers they found it covered with the ordinary forest trees, with an opening near the center containing a singlebutternut. The graves were distinguished by slight depressions disposed in straight rows and were estimated to number from two to three thousand. On examination in 1800, they were found to contain human bones, invariably blackened by time, which on exposure to the air soon crumbled to dust. Traces of ancient cultivation observed by the first settlers on the lands of the vicinity, although covered with forest, exhibited signs of having once been thrown up into squares and terraces, and laid out into gardens.

History of Clark County, Ohio 1881
     Half a mile north of this fort is a huge mound, the base of which covers about one acre. From this mound many bones have been exhumed, of a race of beings differing greatly from the present, and having no similarity to the red man. A mile west of the fort above mentioned, on the farm of William Allen, is an ancient burying ground of an extinct race. The bones taken from this place are much larger than those of Americans, and, in many respects, give evidence of having belonged to prehistoric people.

History of Niagra County, New York 1878, (town of Cambria)
     A search enabled them to come to a pit, but a slight distance from the surface. The top of the pit was covered with slabs of the Medina Sandstone, and was twenty-four feet square by four and a half in depth- the planes agreeing with the four cardinal points. It was filled with human bones of both sexes and all ages. They dug down at one extremity, and found the same layers to extend to the bottom, which was the same dry loam, and from their calculations they deduced that at least four thousand souls had perished one great massacre.  In one skull two flint arrowheads were found, and many had the appearance of having been fractured and cleft open by a sudden blow. They were piled in regular layers, but with no regard to size or sex… One hundred and fifty persons a day visited this spot the first season, and carried off the bones. They are now nearly all gone and the pit ploughed over. The remains of a wall were traced near the vault. Some of the bones found in the latter were of unusual size. One of these was a thigh bone that had been healed of an oblique fracture. One was the upper half of a skull so large that that of a common man would not fill it.

History of Erie County, Pennsylvania Illustrated 1884
pg. 169
An ancient graveyard was discovered in 1820, on the land known as the Drs.Carter and Dickenson places in Erie, which created quite a sensation at the time. Dr. Albert Thayer dug up some of the bones, and all indicated a race of beings of immense size.

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11 Foot Nephilim Giant with Tablet Removed from a Cassopolis, Michigan Mound

11 Foot Nephilim Giant with Tablet Removed from a Cassopolis, Michigan Mound

Tablets with the Sumerian cuneiform script has been found throughout Michigan, providing evidence of the Nephilim Amorite presence in the area.

Daily Public Ledger (Maysville, Kentucky) September 27, 1894

A Prehistoric Giant
     Elkhart, Indiana, Sept. 27 - A dispatch from Cassopolis, Michigan, says that on opening a mound near Diamond lake Wednesday, a giant of prehistoric race was unearthed.  The bones of the skeletons are well preserved.  The lower jaw is immense.  An ordinary jawbone fits inside with ease.  By measurement the distance from the top of the skull to the upper end of the thighbone is five feet five inches.  A doctor, who was present, stated that the man must have been 11 feet high.  The mound was partially covered by a pine stump three feet six inches in diameter, and the ground showeed no signs of ever having been disturbed. An earthen tablet, upon which were various unintelligible characters, and other relics were found.

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Human Giants Skull Discovered on Vancouver Island, B.C., Donated to the Smithsonian

Human Giants Skull Discovered on Vancouver Island, B.C.,  Donated to the Smithsonian

Skull flattening of the Flatheads may have been influenced by the Adena (Nephilim) from the Ohio Valley. The large size of the skeleton is likely that of the Adena and not of the Flathead tribe.

    Captain Newton H. Chittenden of Santa Barbara, California, yesterday presented to the Smithsonian Institution the skull of an aboriginal giant, which he found on the southern shore of Vancouver Island, B. C., about a week ago.  The specimen which is that of a Flathead Indians was obtained by the owner at great personal risk, and he has long treasured it as priceless.  It has been the object of great interest among the may European anthropologists who have  seen it and many have offered great sums to tempt Capt. Chittenden to part with it, but until yesterday he persistently declined.

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Origins of Haunted Ohio: Ancient Burial Mound Spirit Portals

Origins of Haunted Ohio: Ancient Burial Mound Spirit Portals

    In the Book of Enoch it says that the Nephilim giant's spirits would be earthbound. The giants were buried in burial mounds that acted as portals or doorways for the spirits to come and go.  These doorways remain open today and are the reason why Ohio has more paranormal activity than anywhere else in America. This is your guide to these "doorways" where the Nephilim spirits still reside.

Large Nephilim burial mound located along the Ohio River in Brown County, Ohio.

Nephilim burial mound located in Pickaway County, Ohio also known as the Hitler mound

Massive Nephilim burial mound located north of Chillicothe, Ohio in Ross County

Nephilim burial mound located in one of the suburbs of Cincinnati in Hamilton County, Ohio

Nephilim burial mound in Finneytown,Ohio sits amongst the historic dead

Nephilim burial mound in one of Ohio's most haunted counties of Meigs.

The Nephilim giant's capital city was in Chillicothe, Ohio where there are many reports of the spirits of mound builders being seen at the burial sites.

Nephilim burial mound located on the south side of Columbus, Ohio.  

Another Nephilim burial mound where the modern dead can use the portal. Burial mound is also in Hamilton county, Ohio

Nephilim burial mound located in Fairfield county, Ohio

Nephilim burial mound located south of Newark, Ohio

Another Nephilim portal for the dead found in this Butler county, cemetery

Five additional burial mounds once surrounded this Nephilim tomb, but were erased for this new home's driveway.  

Nephilim tomb located north of Newark, Ohio in Licking county. This site needs to be investigated for paranormal activity.  

This massive Nephilim tomb is near the famous Serpent Mound.

Nephilim burial mound in Clermont county Ohio with an orb

Massive Nephilim burial mound in Clark county, Ohio

Large Nephilim burial mound near Newark, Ohio in Licking county

Nephilim burial mound surrounded by a deep ditch four gateways aligned to the cardinal points.
In the foreground is an earthen circular sun temple.

Like so many of the giant Nephilim tombs, this one's location is held as a secret by the Ohio Historical Society. 

Nephilim tomb in remote Vinton county, Ohio

The location of one of Ohio's largest Nephilim mounds in Pickaway county is kept secret.

Nephilim mound in Butler county, Ohio

Large Nephilim tomb in Warren county, Ohio

Are these people experiencing paranormal activity with this Nephilim tomb in their yard?

Nephilim stone burial mound in Butler county, Ohio

Nephilim burial mound with a henge or sun temple surrounding it.

The largest Nephilim tomb in Ohio is located in Miamisburg in Montgomery county, Ohio

Paranormal activity has been witnessed at this Nephilim tomb in a remote part of Meigs county

Another Nephilim spirit portal among the historic dead in Pike county, Ohio

Hundreds of ancient dwarf graves were found on the ridge in the background of this Nephilim tomb.

Nephilim tomb found in this remote part of Ross county, Ohio

Haunted Meigs county Ohio also has this large Nephilim earthen tomb.

Hamilton county, Ohio Nephilim tomb

Knox county, Ohio Nephilim mound surrounded by a sun temple.

Ross county, Ohio Nephilim burial mound

Jefferson county, Ohio Nephilim tomb

A massive Nephilim tomb can be seen about 3/4 of a mile from the road in Pickaway county, Ohio

Greene county, Ohio Nephilim tomb

Nephilim burials near the famous Serpent Mound in Adams county, Ohio

Nephilim tomb at a Sun Temple complex in Athens county, Ohio

Preble county, Ohio Nephilim mound

Nephilim portal in a Preble county, cemetery

Get the directions to all these sites here