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Origins of Haunted Ohio: Ancient Burial Mound Spirit Portals

Origins of Haunted Ohio: Ancient Burial Mound Spirit Portals

    In the Book of Enoch it says that the Nephilim giant's spirits would be earthbound. The giants were buried in burial mounds that acted as portals or doorways for the spirits to come and go.  These doorways remain open today and are the reason why Ohio has more paranormal activity than anywhere else in America. This is your guide to these "doorways" where the Nephilim spirits still reside.

Large Nephilim burial mound located along the Ohio River in Brown County, Ohio.

Nephilim burial mound located in Pickaway County, Ohio also known as the Hitler mound

Massive Nephilim burial mound located north of Chillicothe, Ohio in Ross County

Nephilim burial mound located in one of the suburbs of Cincinnati in Hamilton County, Ohio

Nephilim burial mound in Finneytown,Ohio sits amongst the historic dead

Nephilim burial mound in one of Ohio's most haunted counties of Meigs.

The Nephilim giant's capital city was in Chillicothe, Ohio where there are many reports of the spirits of mound builders being seen at the burial sites.

Nephilim burial mound located on the south side of Columbus, Ohio.  

Another Nephilim burial mound where the modern dead can use the portal. Burial mound is also in Hamilton county, Ohio

Nephilim burial mound located in Fairfield county, Ohio

Nephilim burial mound located south of Newark, Ohio

Another Nephilim portal for the dead found in this Butler county, cemetery

Five additional burial mounds once surrounded this Nephilim tomb, but were erased for this new home's driveway.  

Nephilim tomb located north of Newark, Ohio in Licking county. This site needs to be investigated for paranormal activity.  

This massive Nephilim tomb is near the famous Serpent Mound.

Nephilim burial mound in Clermont county Ohio with an orb

Massive Nephilim burial mound in Clark county, Ohio

Large Nephilim burial mound near Newark, Ohio in Licking county

Nephilim burial mound surrounded by a deep ditch four gateways aligned to the cardinal points.
In the foreground is an earthen circular sun temple.

Like so many of the giant Nephilim tombs, this one's location is held as a secret by the Ohio Historical Society. 

Nephilim tomb in remote Vinton county, Ohio

The location of one of Ohio's largest Nephilim mounds in Pickaway county is kept secret.

Nephilim mound in Butler county, Ohio

Large Nephilim tomb in Warren county, Ohio

Are these people experiencing paranormal activity with this Nephilim tomb in their yard?

Nephilim stone burial mound in Butler county, Ohio

Nephilim burial mound with a henge or sun temple surrounding it.

The largest Nephilim tomb in Ohio is located in Miamisburg in Montgomery county, Ohio

Paranormal activity has been witnessed at this Nephilim tomb in a remote part of Meigs county

Another Nephilim spirit portal among the historic dead in Pike county, Ohio

Hundreds of ancient dwarf graves were found on the ridge in the background of this Nephilim tomb.

Nephilim tomb found in this remote part of Ross county, Ohio

Haunted Meigs county Ohio also has this large Nephilim earthen tomb.

Hamilton county, Ohio Nephilim tomb

Knox county, Ohio Nephilim mound surrounded by a sun temple.

Ross county, Ohio Nephilim burial mound

Jefferson county, Ohio Nephilim tomb

A massive Nephilim tomb can be seen about 3/4 of a mile from the road in Pickaway county, Ohio

Greene county, Ohio Nephilim tomb

Nephilim burials near the famous Serpent Mound in Adams county, Ohio

Nephilim tomb at a Sun Temple complex in Athens county, Ohio

Preble county, Ohio Nephilim mound

Nephilim portal in a Preble county, cemetery

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