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Ancient Caucasian Mummies with Auburn Hair Discovered in a Tennessee Burial Vault

Ancient Caucasian Mummies with Auburn Hair Discovered in a Tennessee Burial Vault

Auburn haired mummy from the Tarim Basin in China dating back to the Bronze Age.  These same people had circled the globe in search of trade. The Chinese have disputed the claim of Caucasians in their land, despite the overwhelming evidence, the same holds true with finds of Caucasian remains in North 

AmericaSmithsonian Contribution to Knowledge, 1890

    Haywood describes a cave, the aperture into which was very small, near the confines of Smith and Wilson Counties, on the south side of Cumberland River, about twenty-two miles above Cairo, on the waters of Smith's Fork. The work men digging in the apartment next the entrance, after removing the dirt, came to another small aperture upon the same level, which they also entered, and found a room twenty-five feet square. This room seemed to have been carefully preserved for the reception and burial of the dead. In it, near the centre, were found three human bodies sitting in baskets made of cane, the flesh being entire, but a little shrivelled and hard. The bodies were those of a man, a woman, and a small child. The color of the skin was said to be fair and white, without any admixture of a copper color ; their hair auburn and of a fine texture. The teeth were very white; in stature they were about the same as the whites of the present day. The man was wrapped in fourteen dressed deer skins, and over these were wound what those present called blankets. They were made of bark, like those found in the cave in White County. In form the baskets were pyramidal, being larger at the bottom and tapering towards the top. The heads of the skeletons were outside of the blankets

Friday, December 9, 2016

9 Foot, Giant Nephilim Remains Found Near Mounds State Park in Anderson, Indiana

Foot, Giant Nephilim Remains Found Near Mounds State Park in Anderson, Indiana

Giant Nephilim Skeletons Found Near Mounds State Park in Anderson, Indiana solar henge complex.

Daily News,  Goshen, Indiana, Saturday, November 26, 1892
Anderson, Ind., Nov. 36.—John Beal, a farmer living in the north part of this county, found some giant human skeletons while digging a hole in his field Friday. There were a half-dozen skulls of gigantic size. The skeletons were those of men who in their lifetime must have been at least 9 feet in height. .

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Osage Indians Were the Hopewell Mound Builders

Osage Indians Were the Hopewell Mound Builders

Many large skeletons have been found in Hopewell Indian mounds. With the Osage history of once living in the Ohio Valley and being the tallest of all the Native American tribes, it is reasonable to assume the Osage were the Hopewell mound builders

According to the Osage History Osage (corruption by French traders of Wazhazhe, their 

ownin one group with the Omaha

Ponca, Kansa, and Quapaw, with whom they are supposed to have originally constituted a 

single body living along the lower course of the Ohio river.

The name "Osage" was a corruption of their own name, "Was-haz-he," made by the French,
 or, as the artist-explorer Catlin writes it, "Wa-saw-see." Catlin, in his "American Indians," 
says that they were the tallest race in North America, either among the red or white men. 
He states that few were less than six feet in stature, and that many were six and one-half and
ven seven feet. They were well-proportioned, good looking, rather narrow in the shoulders, and,
ike most tall men, rather inclined to stoop. Their movements were graceful and quick. In war, 
or the chase, they were equal to any of the tribes about them. Though long living on, or near,
 the borders of civilization, they studiously rejected all civilized customs, and uniformly 
dressed in skins of their own preparation. They were one of the few tribes that shaved their
 heads, and they decorated and painted themselves with great care and some taste. Their 
heads were of a peculiar shape, owing to the fact that they strapped their infants to a board,
 binding the head so tightly as to force in the occipital Bone, thus creaing an unnatural 
deficiency} - in the back part and consequently a more than natural elevation of the top of
 the head. They explained that this was done because it pressed out a bold and manly front. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Nephilim Remains Uncovered in North Carolina

Nephilim Remains Uncovered in North Carolina

Lexington Gazette, May 23, 1906
   Richmond capitalists are interested in a project for the development of the water power of Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina.
     The skeletons of a human being of gigantic proportions supposed to be that of a prehistoric man was unearthed near Bristol last week

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