Sunday, March 12, 2017

Biblical Horites Death Mask

Horite Death Mask

    Last year I wrote an article about the Biblical Horites, again, there seems to be some similarities with who archaeoloogists are calling Otamids. The skull of the Horites, described in the Archaeology of the Bible, Barton, 1916, would appear to be identical to those in California.
In a cave at Gezer, “A pottery head found in one the caves, which may be a rude portrait of the type of face sen in Gezer in this period, it has a sloping forehead, which afforded little brain space, and a prominent lower jaw. The people used flint knives, crushed their grain in hollow stones.
Mr. Macalister has suggested a connection between the cave dwellers of Gezer and the Biblical Horites, since Horite means, “cave dweller.” In the Bible the Horites are said to have dwelt to the east of Jordan, and more especially in Edom ( Gen. 14: 6: 36: 20, 21, 29; Deut 2 :12, 22). It seems probable the the reason why the Bible places them all beyond Jordan is that the cave dwellers had disappeared from Western Palestine centuries before the Hebrews came, while to the east of the Jordan they lingered on until displaced by those who were more nearly contemporary with the Hebrews.”